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It works

Just testing a post from my Blackberry.

The ribs were awful

I tried having ribs for dinner tonight. They were baby backs. They were so disgusting, they made me wish I was Jewish.

I watched Lost Boys 2

I did. Really. It wasn't on a bet, either. I meant it. Here's what happened.

zomben2 and I get together every year around this time to celebrate the coming Halloween hoiday. We do this by eating a giant burger at Fuddruckers, going to the Spirit Store to see what new whore costumes they've created for women, and then watching a crappy horror film. So we eat the burgers, oogle the whore costumes, and then settle in at my place for miniture Halloween versions of chocolate bars and aforementioned crappy horror movie. I'm flipping through the menu and our choices are:

Midnight Meat Train
Not Lost Boys 2 (or so I thought)

The first selection, Midnight Meat Train, sounded interesting until I considered that maybe it's not a title I want to say aloud to my wife when she asks me what zomben2 and I watched. Spinter looked like lots of fun, it was about a human turtle that infected people with little green darts. Or something. I'm still scrolling through titles and zomben2 "innocently" suggests checking out the Lost Boys 2 trailer. I gobble another miniature Reese's Peanut Butter cup to still my resolve and I click on the trailer.

Then it hit me. That song. That gothy, vampirey song from my youth of lusting after Jamie Gertz. "Thou shall not poooo." "Thou shall not bawllll."

Cry little sister and smack me, I GOTTA WATCH THIS MOVIE NOW.

So we did. And it didn't suck. It was kinda funny, sometimes even intentionally. The more Jewish sounding of the Coreys reprised his role as Edgar Frog, and it was a welcome sight. Like an old friend. only one who looks like he might borrow money from you.

Anyway, we had a great time. Always fun hanging with zomben2.


No shit

Tracey Ullman: 'I don't want to be the pretty girl' - CNN.com
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Fortunately for her, God agreed.


Okay, so perhaps I'm not as committed to the whole blogging thing as I thought I would be.

Two random items...

I'm very much enjoying the slow and steady meltdown of Hillary Clinton. The latest is pure Clinton hubris.

"I say a lot of things -- millions of words a day -- so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement," she said.
I was going to do the "Translation: I'm full of shit" follow up to that statement, but why be redundant? The point, as usual with that miserable fucking family is that we're all supposed to be stupid and pretend she can't tell the difference between being shot at and not being shot at.

Tracey Ullman has a new series on Showtime. Has Tracey Ullman ever made anyone, anywhere, for any reason, laugh? Like, even once? Yes, Tracey, keep using the 5 different American accents you've "mastered" that sound like the exact same voice. Oh wait - she also does Asian people.

Tracey Ullman and Hillary Clinton. Wanna keep from cumming? Forever?
Imagine them making out.

Harrison Ford is still old

...but damn those assholes got me again:


I will be there opening day. I have to. Not my fault. I was raised on that theme song. My reaction is Pavlovian. The moment I hear it, literally the moment I hear it, it's summer and I'm standing in a long line with my dad, beyond excited over the prospect of seeing a new Indiana Jones movie. My entire kid week would revolve around it.

I still believe the film won't be much good. Ford is too old and Spielberg doesn't care about these kinds of films anymore. Even the trailer shows hints of being froced at moments.

But it's that theme. That hat. The first shot of Jones is pure Spielberg iconography. You're forced into the widest grin imaginable. You swoon for a bit.

I'll be there opening day. I'll put aside my snarky adult need to shit all over the stuff I liked as a kid. I'll eat some popcorn. Okay, I'll eat a lot of popcorn. A frightening amount. Butter will drip from every pour. My wife will look on in horror as I...

Oh, sorry.

Anyway, I'm not exactly looking forward to Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skulls, yet I can't wait to see it.


Farewell and adieu

Roy Scheider is dead.

Smile, you son of a bitch.


From your friends in the media

New York City's Hometown Newspaper - NY Daily News
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I've never understood why our media plays along with the mob's version of guys who turn in other mob guys.

Not that I condone rats, who should all fucking die.


Am drunk. Welcome.

These damn kids today

I was watching American Idol last night (fuck off) and as usual, I'm always struck by the amount of not-yet-20-year-olds who keep babbling about this being their dream. If they're rejected, they can't imagine a worse thing happening in their lives.

I know pre-twenty types are usually given to hyperbole about everything from love interests to their concern over the environment but on this one I cut them no slack.

This is not their dream, it's their sense of entitlement that's being shattered. Due to the internet and shows like Real World, we have an entire generation that has been raised to believe fame, even in its reality-television-sleep-in-a-puddle-of-your-own-vomit version, is theirs simply because they want it. So these kids show up to these auditions and cannot imagine not getting through regardless of talent level. They don't have to sing, or dance, or do anything else - they just have to believe they deserve fame because their friends think they're pretty cool. When met with the cold hard reality that no one outside of their own single mother thinks they're special, they crumble.

Part of the problem is that they've been raised to believe you don't need to actually do anything to get on TV other than stand in a really long line.

Remember when the idea of getting famous used to center around either a special talent that few others possessed or being extraordinarily attractive, or in Dom Deluise's case knowing Burt Reynolds? I do.